Rosane Cobra

Body consciousness. Massage.
Quality of life.

I am a Brazilian, living in the Czech Republic since 2010. In 1991 I graduated in Physiotherapy in Brazil, and in 1997 I specialized in the method G.D.S of muscular chains, in Belgium. The method works in the prevention, treatment, and maintenance of a good body organization. For over 20 years I have been working with body consciousness and lifestyle, guiding people towards adopting practices of increasing level of health, which follows the principles of the Cobra Method, created by my father Nuno Cobra, a physical and mental trainer of famous athletes like Ayrton Senna.

The main goal of the Cobra Method is self-transformation through self-observation and changes in lifestyle, acting systemically on the fundamental pillars of health: sleep, food, and physical activity. Based on my many years of experience, I offer in House Violet:

  • Orientation and quality of life programme reinforcing healthy habits and ability to adopt new body care leading to a vital and joyful life
  • Movements and exercises that stimulate the circulation of muscle tension and produce well-being
  • Physiotherapeutic exercises to help prevent injuries
  • Whole-body Ayurvedic massage which unblocks the body from accumulated tension, promotes blood circulation and opens up a space for a greater connection with yourself
  • Integrative touch – intuitive touches that intensify the relationship between different parts of the body, strengthen the central nervous system, soothing the body, enabling perception of its unity


A Session/Massage ….. 1.300 CZK

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