Pavlína and Ricky Goodman

Dream guides, coaching

Pavlína – I am the creator of my own life, inspirator, dream guide, artist, and mother of 3 children. I have studied Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University, and so my previous practice and focus were always on body and movement. But through my own injuries and illness, I began to appreciate the bigger importance of the connection between body, mind, and soul. In 2011 my little son became ill and I realized that the only way to heal him was to start to work on myself. So my journey had begun. I am a certified Dream Teacher at Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming.

Active Dreaming

I help people to reconnect with their dreams, with their magical part and intuition. Dreams are whispers of our soul and reconnect us with our soul, body, and mind. Dreams are the bridges to the true desire of our soul.

I show you:

  • how to remember our dreams and understand their hidden symbolism
  • how to dream again when we think we lost our dreams,
  • how to work with repetitive dream or nightmare,
  • how to recognize „soul loss“, when part of our soul separated from us due to a traumatic experience, causing health or other problems,
  • how to connect with our departed loved ones,
  • how to track our own symbolism and create our own dream journal,
  • how to awaken and bring creativity and joy back to your life.

Ricky – I am a Brit living in Prague for 18 years. I am a certified life and creativity coach, emotional intelligence assessor, and dream teacher. Using this background and my interest in neuroscience I set about helping people to gain greater self-awareness, to be more intentional, and live with purpose. An autoimmune illness of my son and interesting synchronicities lead me to study a 3-year dream teacher training with Robert Moss, the creator of Active Dreaming.

Active Dreaming is a tool that helps us to unleash the power of who we really are and get in direct touch with our soul. Everyone of us can actively access our dream journeys and bring back information that can help us with our purpose, our health, our creativity, with all aspects of our life. We achieve that with methods including ancient techniques from different cultures, such as journeying through the use of a drum, rattle, or guided meditations, but also exercises built on neuroscience and quantum physics.

„Dreaming soul back home. “ Robert Moss

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A session …… 90min/1.500 CZK

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