Kamila Moravcová MA

Holistic body care

My joy is to explore the form and behavior of the human body. I studied physiotherapy at Charles University in Prague. For over 8 years I worked as a physiotherapist in health care in a psychosomatic team of experts, which gave me a basis for a complex view on human health. The abroad study of fascia, integral anatomy and biotensegrity then showed me a way to scientifically understand the body in its entirety. I have repeatedly had the opportunity to see that it’s natural for the human body to find the most efficient way to react to a given situation and conditions. This can be a growth of a bone on a big toe joint due to inappropriate strain, shortness of breath in response to psychological stress, pain in the back due to a dysfunctional abdominal wall, etc. My service is to help a person understand these connections and learn how to work with them for their own health and happiness.

At Violet, I provide body-focused care and individual workshops – healthy walking, running, body care for women incl. during pregnancy and postpartum, or as agreed. The main goal is first to find relief, then to look for a more economic setting and pleasant bodily feeling that can be maintained in daily life. I use touch, manual shiatsu techniques, natural movement and its conscious experience. The aim is to discover a therapist and a guide within themselves.

„When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything“  Thich Nhat Hahn


Whole body care ….. 80 min/1.800 CZK

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