Juliet Navratilova BA

Consultation, healing

After 20 years, I returned to The Czech Republic to share in my house Violet my rich experiences from the outer and inner worlds. My autoimmune illnesses, psychological, emotional and sexual wounds, inner turmoil, as well as the desire to know the world behind the curtain have led me on the path of personal growth and healing of my body, mind and heart. After thorough cleansing and intense work on myself, I healed, understood, and gained confidence in myself and everything I do. I found my inner healer and teacher in my heart.

I offer my clients support, assistance, and advice on how to find solutions from their own source and their intuition. How to get into their bodies and power through work with breath, heart and focused mind. Although in my work with clients I may use various healing and shamanic techniques, my main tool is using my hands to assist with opening the heart and communication with it.

More about me and my roles on http://www.pathtothelight.com

Consultation/healing….2hours/3000 CZK

What my clients wrote about me:

„Juliet’s really great. She’s so impressive face-to-face, it’s hard to describe. As soon as I entered the room, I felt peace and balance, as well as trust. She immediately tuned into my field and everything went smoothly. I left with a feeling of inner happiness, trust and faith. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels for any reason lost or unsure.“
Marie K., Brno

„Juliet showed me methods how to better sense my body and energy and how to work with them. Eg. I used to try to work on grounding myself, yet only with Juliet I felt it and understood it. Her calm and serene presence helped me to relax and open up. I can only recommend her sitting as it helps to calm thoughts and feel own body/voice.“
Elisabeth K., Praha

„Meeting with Juliet is beautiful, calming, inspiring and soul stroking. Thanks to our meeting, I know how to get in touch with my heart and my body quite quickly and easily. Thank you for being so open and truthful. A little bit of you is still with me, and I draw from it.“
Michael O., Zlín

„Who wants to help, guide, shine light into others on their paths, she must first find a way into herself and heal herself. She is then the medicine for others. She doesn’t tell you what to do, how to decide, where you could have already been, but she guides you to get to know yourself and your power. She shows you possible ways to who you can become. She leads you to remember why you are here. With Juliet, I not only found all of this, but I also fully sensed and felt it. She acts openly, sincerely, truly, you feel her wisdom and experience. This makes her an inspiration to me, a living example, that we can find our way to ourselves. I can not only turn to her but more importantly, trust her.“
Nari Ch., Praha

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