Petra Flemrová MA

Coaching & Psychotherapy

I am a woman who likes to explore the mysterious corners of the human core, and for whom people’s stories are an inspiration to discover new ways and possibilities for solutions.

My services are focused on coaching and psychotherapy. I approach my clients gently and sensitively, but at the same time with a great deal of deep insight, so that everyone leaves with the knowledge that it is he/she who has the answers to all questions. Based on many years of experience in the professional and personal field, I connect individual fragments of the life story into one meaningful whole.


Coaching is an amazing „tool“ that allows you to thoroughly map the internal and external obstacles on your way. It broadens the horizons of your possibilities and helps you set the steps towards your goal. Whether it’s in the work or personal area, coaching offers the opportunity to explore what’s important to you in life, what you desire, and how you can achieve it. 


As part of the therapy, I create for you an environment full of safety and trust, in which you have the opportunity to solve your personal story with openness, heal inner wounds, discover hidden abilities and at the same time strengthen the awareness of your own uniqueness.

You can find out more about me and what I can support you with on:

Tel.: 604 837 383


Coaching ……………. 60 min/1.500 CZK
Psychotherapy ….. 60 min/1.100 CZK

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